Luminant to Quit Efforts to License Two Nuclear Reactors: Big Win for Nuclear Opponents

Nov. 8, 2013

Karen Hadden, SEED Coalition, 512-797-8481

AUSTIN, TX Luminant will end work on their license for two new nuclear reactors at Comanche Peak according to a Reuters report, 11/08/13.

Luminant’s actions show once again that the so-called nuclear renaissance is fizzling out. New nuclear reactors would not produce energy too cheap to meter, but energy that is too costly to sell," said Karen Hadden, executive director of the Sustainable Energy & Economic Development (SEED) Coalition and the leading opponent of the nuclear reactors in Texas. "This clears the way for safer, cleaner and more affordable renewable energy in Texas."

SEED Coalition was the lead intervenor opposing the Comanche Peak reactors, with Robert Eye as counsel. True Cost of Nukes formed in Ft. Worth to oppose the reactors and joined as intervenors, along with Public Citizen.

"The decision to quit Comanche Peak 3 & 4 is a victory for the public’s health, the environment and the economy. Had these reactors been built they would have created a long-term drag on the economy and caused serious public health and environmental problems, and would have wasted vast quantities of precious water," said Kansas-based attorney Robert V. Eye.

It was long believed EFH was keeping these licenses alive because they would be valuable assets in bankruptcy. This stunning decision shows how little bankers on Wall Street value nuclear power " said Tom "Smitty" Smith director of Public Citizen’s Texas office.

Five years ago, eight reactors were announced for Texas, but now only South Texas is still seeking a license from the NRC. SEED Coalition is opposing these reactors as well, and a hearing will be held in Houston on January 6th addressing the foreign ownership and control of the proposed reactors, since Toshiba, a Japanese company, would own the majority interest of two reactors on US soil.

The NRC is in agreement with SEED Coalition on the foreign ownership issue.

Luminant’s decision comes at a time when owners have announced plans to close five existing nuclear reactors, and six more may soon shut down according to Forbes’ report on November 7, 2013.