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Comanche Peak plant

Comanche Peak Nuclear Plant

Comanche Peak Reactors Opposed

Luminant/ Comanche Peak 3 & 4:
Luminant (formerly TXU) proposes two more nuclear plants at Comanche Peak in North Texas.

The proposed US APWR reactor design has not been approved in the United States or Japan, and has never been built before, anywhere in the world, but Luminant wants to build two of them. Review of the design is set to occur at the same time as the construction and operating license are being considered. Three processes are being combined into one. Does this sound like fast-tracking of nuclear licensing to you?

Legal Filings

Comanche Peak Opponents File, Raising Health, Safety and Financial Concerns

Expert witness declarations and reports follow:

Selected Maps from Luminant’s Combined Operating License Application (COLA) Environmental Report:

Other Reports::

History of Comanche Peak Nuclear Reactors – Read it for yourself…