Radioactive Waste Now Rumbling through Texas

Trucks are now bringing "low-level" radioactive waste into Texas from nuclear reactors around the country, headed to the West Texas site in Andrews County site operated by Waste Control Specialists (WCS). This waste can be very hot in terms of radioactivity – and can include everything but the reactor fuel rods. Radioactive waste from DOE will soon be coming as well.

Despite federal requirements to do so, the Texas Department of State Health Services has failed to designate routes for this radioactive waste, which poses risks from accidents. Train transport may begin soon as well.

Urge your County judge and state legislators to require route designation for radioactive waste and to hold hearings to take input on traffic and safety issues in your area. Communities have a right to say if, when and where radioactive waste is transported, but the opportunity has not been provided.

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Petition language:
I urge Texas’ County Judges and state legislators to ask the Texas Department of State Health Services to act as directed by federal law and designate routes for low-level radioactive waste in Texas, and to hold hearings where citizens can comment on routes and safety concerns.