No Bonds for Billionaires Group Opposes County Bonds for Radioactive Waste Dump
Requesting state inspector to monitor May 9th Election

For Immediate Release
May 5, 2009

Peggy or Melodye Pryor

Andrews, TX With early voting wrapping up, and a May 9th election day set in Andrews County, citizens are concerned that Andrews County could get saddled by $75 million in bond debt and with economic and health liabilities that could result from bond support for Waste Control Specialists' radioactive waste dump.

"Waste Control Specialists could walk away after they make their millions, and leave us with contaminated aquifers and a huge bill for clean up. Instead of asking the county to pay for their project, company owner and Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons should reach into his own pockets for the money. Why should we bail out a billionaire?" asked Melodye Pryor, with the newly formed No Bonds for Billionaires group.

Some citizens supported WCS coming into the community but don't support the $75 million bond package that is being requested. Others are concerned about whether the election will be fair.

"A lot of people are telling us that they think this election is fixed. They oppose the bonds but don't have any hope that it will be a fair election," said Peggy Pryor, also with No Bonds for Billionaires. "That is why we collected signatures to request that the Secretary of State send an inspector out to monitor Saturday's election." Newspapers report that the election will be paid for by Waste Control Specialists. The same private company would benefit if the bonds pass.

"Waste Control Specialists and their parent company, Valhi, were supposedly going to help build our community, not ask for handouts," said Peggy Pryor. She is concerned that the amount and sources of radioactive waste coming to the site are expanding. "The long-lived and dangerous waste was originally only supposed to come only from Texas, Maine and Vermont. Now Waste Control is trying to dump even more radioactive waste on us. They've been announcing that they want to bring in radioactive waste from around the country," continued Pryor.

The No Bonds for Billionaires group has written letters to the editor, mailed postcards to voters, talked to neighbors and reporters and run television ads in opposition to the bonds. The organization has a web site,, and encourages citizens to vote NO on the bonds.

Melodye and Peggy Pryor are organizing a team to help local voters who want to get to the polls on Saturday, and welcome calls from those who are in need of a ride. Voting on May 9th will be at the James Roberts Center, 855 E. Broadway in Andrews, from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Other sources of information:, which addresses Valhi bond ratings, and


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