Video shows nuclear plant guards sleeping on the job

David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Raw Story
Published: Thursday October 4, 2007

CBS News reports that almost a dozen security guards were taped sleeping on the job at Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant, located on the Pennsylvania-Maryland border.

The anonymous whistleblower who revealed the behavior told CBS that when he tried informing plant managers, they told him, "Let's not talk about that, there's going to be a big investigation. ... You need to concentrate on being a part of this team."

Now senators have demanded a full report on why the Nuclear Regulatory Commission didn't find out about the sleeping guards during routine inspections. Wackenhut, the security firm which provided the guards, has already been fired by the company which runs the plant.

Wackenhut, which has a reputation for close ties to the military and to intelligence, has previously been at the center of several major scandals involving its provision of guards to privatized prisons, US military bases, and nuclear plants. Wackenhut has been been caught cheating on tests at a nuclear weapons facility and has been known to retaliate against nuclear whistleblowers.

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