Group Demands Recount in WCS Bond Election

May 11, 2009

by Michael Stafford
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - The election may be over but a group in Andrews isn't quite ready to give up the fight.

The people with "No Bonds for Billionaires" have petitioned for a recount and they say they have the signatures to get it.

NewsWest Nine has learned that the petition was turned in by the group on Monday afternoon all because the bond passed by a mere three votes.

Andrews County Judge Richard Dolenger has confirmed that he has the petition which contains the required 25 signatures.

But in order for the recount request to go through, those signatures have to be verified as registered voters.

As NewsWest 9 reported on Saturday, the 75 million dollar bond passed clearing the way for Waste Control Specialists to pay for improvements and construction at its waste disposal site.

But amazingly, the measure passed by only three votes, 642 to 639.

And the people with "No Bonds for Billionaires" think that's close enough for a recount.

When and if a recount happens will depend on whether those signatures are legitimate, and that won't be known until Tuesday at the earliest.

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