$75 Million Dollar Bond Election Passes in Andrews

May 9, 2009

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS- Shouts and cheers rang out when officials revealed Saturday's election results outside the Andrews County Courthouse.

"Anybody who thinks their vote doesn't count - look at how close things are," Patricia Green said wearing a shirt supporting Waste Control Specialists.

Andrews County voters narrowly approved a $75 million dollar bond measure that will give county commissioners the authority to authorize the bonds that will then be loaned to Waste Control Specialists. WCS will use the money to fund the expansion of a low-level radioactive waste disposal site in the county.

"Three votes. Look what we could have done in November. We could have won in November," Melodye Pryor said. Pryor organized "No Bonds for Billionaires" which ran ads opposing the bond.

642 people voted for the bond measure and 639 people voted against it.

"We just never thought we could get the word out like this and it shows the common people can actually have a voice. Us poor people can almost beat the Goliath," Resident Peggy Pryor, said.

WCS officials say the results will allow them not only to save jobs but to add them.

"It was very close. I am ecstatic. It keeps my husband working," Stacy Anguish said. "Andrews needs WCS."

Environmental groups took aim at the low-level radio active waste disposal site saying it isn't safe.

Patricia Green wants to see medical waste disposed of properly.

"I think this is wonderful thing for WCS and Andrews," Green said.

Tom Jones, a spokesperson for WCS, told NewsWest 9 the company is happy with the results, but he has a message for the opposition.

"You guys have got our word that this will not increase your taxes. We've guaranteed this," Jones said.

Saturday's election was monitored by a state election officials after "No Bonds for Billionaires" sent a petetion to Austin. That monitor's report on the election will eventually be made public.

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