NRC Defends Public Process for Comanche Peak


Shelley Kofler
Public Television for North Texas

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the NRC, says North Texans will have ample opportunity to weigh in on plans to expand the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant near Glen Rose. KERA's Shelley Kofler has more on an issue that has some environmentalists crying foul.

Luminant Energy has filed an application to build two more reactors at the Comanche Peak site. Two already exist. Environmental groups have criticized a 60-day comment period that began last week. They say they are being asked to file objections to the reactor design before it's approved, and concerns about construction and operation long before they begin.

The NRC's Scott Burnell says there will be additional opportunities for citizens to be heard.

Burnell: It's 60 days for people to show they could be affected by the proposed reactors and to point out specific areas they feel the application falls short. There are many additional opportunities for the public to comment on the environmental review the NRC is doing. There are opportunities to discuss the design that is under review.

But Karen Hadden with the environmental group SEED says the 60-day comment period now underway is the only time citizens can oppose the reactor application. She says other comment periods will be more limited. Luminant says the new reactors will supply enough electricity to power 1-point-8 million average Texas homes.

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